How many times along the trail did some one say “You’re doing something I’ve always want to do.” Our standard come back was, “We’ve always wanted to do this also.” But, truthfully it all starts with a dream. Men that do not dream do not accomplish anything out of the ordinary. Riding horseback across parts of four states lets a person know that dreaming is just the beginning of a dream.

When you look back on this trek we took it makes you realize that if a person wants he can do what he wants. Yes, with difficulties, but, with success also.

Many of us has tried to do extraordinary things but have failed. I found out that if you try and remember what it takes to finish a marathon race is not just endurance, but somewhere deep down there you must be able to come up with a whole bunch of determination. Initially the road is level and smooth and the strain is not too hard. But, eventually the path becomes inclined and your stamina seems to be completely depleted. The true marathoners calls it “hitting the wall.” If you can just come up with the true grit to keep going you will punch through the wall and from there on it’s all downhill.

Like a quote that some old cowboy in west Texas could have said. “We just pulled our stetson down tight on our heads and headed straight into the wind.” Yes, “We poked a hole in the wind”.